Fruit Splash is a delicious syrup, packed with fruit,why not decide for yourself!

But instead of us telling you, why not decide for yourself! Make (or shake) your own drink and try your favourite Fruit Splash flavour. We have 5 delicious fruit flavours for you: strawberry, forest fruit, raspberry, lemon and orange.

High fruit content

Fruit Splash is a premium quality syrup with a high fruit content of 75%. When drinking Fruit Splash, you will enjoy the real fruit taste whichever flavour you choose: raspberry, strawberry, forest fruit, orange or lemon. 

Balanced diet

Fruit Splash fits into a balanced diet. During the day you need to drink enough water to keep your body healthy and strong. Adding some Fruit Splash helps you achieve this high water intake. 

Natural sweetness

Fruit Splash has a natural taste. Fruit Splash does not contain any colourings or artificial sweeteners. It does contain some sugar, as this contributes to its great taste. Fruit Splash syrup can be diluted with still or sparkling water, either bottled or from the tap. Adding more water makes your drink less sweet and lowers your sugar intake. This makes it a good alternative for carbonated soft drinks.  


Full of vitamins

Fruit Splash is a source of vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E. Vitamins are micronutrients that are present in small quantities in food and drink. They are important for your body as they are required for a good health and normal growth and development.

  • Gives (sparkling) water the taste of real fruit
  • Fits into a healthy lifestyle