Fruit Splash is available in 5 great tasting flavours and is a source of vitamins

Fruit Splash – your favourite syrup! 5 delicious Fruit Splash flavours have been specially developed for you: strawberry, forest fruit, raspberry, lemon and orange. All the flavours are available in a nicely designed recyclable can packaging. You can adjust Fruit Splash according to your own taste. And why not surprise your family and friends with a lovely Fruit Splash cocktail or ice cream suggestion? Go to Tips & tricks and read what great recipes you can make or shake with these flavours.

forest fruit

Fruit Splash Forest Fruit is packed with strawberries, elderberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and rosehips. You can make delicious recipes with this syrup. What about a fun kid’s birthday drink? Click here for the complete recipe.


Fruit Splash Raspberry is ideal for many different drinks, ice cream and desserts. Choose for example this raspberry dessert with sponge cake, frozen raspberries, Fruit Splash Raspberry syrup, curd cheese, some whipped cream and sprinkles. Delicious!


Fruit Splash Lemon is the flavour that adds freshness to your drinks and shakes. Simple, straightforward and thirst quenching is our lemon long drink with Fruit Splash Lemon, sparkling water and mint. Mmmmmm....


Fruit Splash Orange is ideal for a special recipe suggestion. What about making your own fruit sangria? Fruit juices, fresh fruits and Fruit Splash syrup are the main ingredients. If you prefer the adult version with alcohol, click here!


Fruit Splash Strawberry is the favourite flavour of many children. With this syrup, you can make this awesome fruit milk shake. Just blend Fruit Splash Strawberry syrup, ice cream and milk and decorate with some fresh fruit. Click here to see the recipe.